The Indiscreet eye

Workshop & Exhibition in Maamoura

Young filmmakers will make a short film in the city of Maamoura

from 29th September to 3rd October will be held in Maamoura (Tunisia)

“The Indiscreet eye” workshop is an opportunity to bring in the context of the project NewCiMed an experience communicating cultural and natural heritage existing in the city of Maamoura.

The indiscreet eye” is not a typical documentary but it can be realized by maintaining the short film like a short film tale.

Contents of NewCiMed project will remain visible through the filmmaker’s eye, thanks to the emphasis and the significance that the author has given in the tale.

Their inspiration will be the new city as seen through the eyes of others.

Through the artistic sensibility of the filmmaker, the workshop aimed at catching aspects of daily life, culture, the territory with an “indiscreet eye”. It’s a private and personal eye, and therefore it expresses the vision of the author. Private component of this vision is prevailing among the authentic visions that would like to be real and without filters, as the expressive presence of the author is required.

The Indiscreet eye