New City Safe City

from 15th to 21st February 2014 in Tyre (Lebanon)

A road map to safe city

Driving community safety through public & private partnerships.

The key concept is designed to raise awareness and involve the civil community to work as a unit, unique, to discourage any destabilizing elements that could undermine its stability and prosperity.
In the current age, threats to life, to identity, to personal freedom come from an increasing number of factors.
Today, the steady increase in the phenomenon of uncontrolled demographic decrease is leading to appreciable proliferation of destabilizing elements , with a significant increase of the population living in anonymity and degradation, which is contrasted against the needs of city Authorities to prepare the effective measures of prevention and protection of areas defined as “high risk” representing for terrorist groups and organized crime an attractive lucrative opportunities.

In this context, civil society and individuals are called upon to cooperate actively to solve the ever-increasing need for security.

“New City Safe City – Territory of Peace” represents a concrete plan to improve public safety and welfare, including through the implementation of new methodologies in response to the growing need for collective security.

To mitigate the impact of the progressive increase of the destabilizing elements, the city Authorities need real-time information and insights on the different methodologies applicable to the present case in order to make urban areas safer and more livable.