Lettera Tua | Workshop & Exhibition

A competition on the theme of travel in new cities. Writers from different Mediterranean countries involved in the project will be invited

form 18th to 20th October will be held in Ustica  and  Palermo

The literary work that better expresses the cultural characteristics of the new cities of the Mediterranean will be rewarded.

NewCiMed LetteraTua

The Sicily Region has identified Ustica island as the area of study as it is the tirst example in the Siclian history of the colonization of an area – foundation of an inhabited zone cala S.Maria and cultivation of the ground – directed and funded by a public entity, with the aim to guarantee the security for the navigation on the sea between the Sicilian and the Naplese Realms.

The event will bring together artists from the seven pilot areas involved in the project :

Countries participating in the event :

Arborea (Italy) – Cullera (Spain) – Latina (Italy)
Al Tafila (Jordan) – Maamoura (Tunisia) – Tyre (Lebanon)
Ustica (Italy)