Opening of the Exhibition in Jordan Museum

Thursday 19th December 2013 Amman (Jordan)

In the framework of NewCiMed project the Department of Antiquities of Jordan is holding a photography competition.
This is part of the workshops of the European Union backed NewCiMed (New Cities of the Mediterranean) to enhance the sustainability and development of new cities of the different project partners.
Exchange of Photographers

My City in the Eyes of the others

The photography workshop, titled “My City in the Eyes of the others” is designed to show and analyze the best pictures taken by amateurs and professionals on a wide variety project related to the city of Al Tafila.

Rural and urban relations

The themes of the competition are related to rural and urban relations, relations between the city center and its suburbs, sustainable relations between civilized, heritage and cultural values, …

as well as its tourism activities

and its marketing, relations between the population and its natural surroundings, sustainable transportation, employment of modern technology, environmental surroundings, and pictures from everyday life.

Workshop contents

These are broad themes to fit in with the NewCiMed objectives and which the workshop will discuss over a 6-day period that will be attended by two-persons & representative from the NewCiMed partners in project include Municipality of Latina in Italy ( Team Leader), Province of Oristano in Sardinia, Sicily region Municipality of Mamoura in Tunisia, Department of Antiquities of Jordan, and Tyre Municipality in Lebanon.It is to be understood part of the workshop is practical which means that participants will go down to Tafila and take as many pictures as they like to be merged and serve as a collective competition.