EuroMed Contemporary Architecture | Workshop & Exhibition

“New Square” – The Mediterranean Square between past and future

from 4th to 7th november will be held in Latina (Italy)

Museo della Terra Pontina

The aim of the EuroMed Contemporary Architecture workshop is to analyze the role of these spaces in present-days, trying to understand how this urban model can be applied and renewed in contemporary age becoming the square of the future without losing its traditional values.

NewCiMed ECA

The EuroMed Contemporary Architecture Workshop is opened to students, architects, urban designer/planners, engineers and other professionals in closely related fields.

Participants’ proposals would show a possible transformation of the squares (all, a single one or a part of them), thinking about new functions and uses to increase relational features of public spaces.

This objective could be pursued through urban revitalization measures like new square design intervention and/or urban furniture design proposal, technological and art installation, etc.

Proposals will be presented by slides and/or tables in A3 format (in maximum number of 5) and a project report.

The output consists in architectural drawings and images (as example: plans, sections, perspective drawings, renderings, photos, models, videos etc.)

The participants have to bring a laptop (a camera is suggested) and can use CAD, photo editing, 3d modeling and rendering software and everything could be useful to elaborate proposals.

The EuroMed Contemporary Architecture workshop & event will bring together architects, expert and students from the seven pilot areas involved in the project :

Countries participating in the event :

Al Tafila (Jordan) – Arborea (Italy) – Cullera (Spain)

Maamoura (Tunisia) – Latina (Italy) – Tyre (Lebanon) Ustica (Italy)

A new town is a city or community that was carefully planned from its inception and its typically constructed in a previously unsettled, undeveloped area.
The new town had a specific plan that met the objective of settlement realized. Needs change over time and leave different signs. Considering the current needs and weaknesses of the pilot areas analyzed in the project, the works of participants are aimed to investigate if it is possible to reconcile the original design inspiration in a new contemporary vision.
The answers to this challenge will be focused on the concept of square as an urban area witness of a new vision able to play the role of a space for social cohesion.